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384 Pages
Publication date: March 2019
Imprint: Benevento
Martin Wehrle

The Rat

Crime Novel

When it comes to her career, Susanne knows no qualms: She fires colleagues, throws her best friend to the wolves, forgets decency and loyalty. Until she herself falls victim to a scandalous intrigue and almost loses it all. With her back against the wall, Susanne decides to uncover the truth.

Newspaper publisher Hans-Otto Gleim – self-important, obsessed with power, ruthless – is used to enforcing his interests, without compromise and against all adversaries. Susanne Mikula, his close co-worker, experiences this first hand when she is dismissed summarily. And to top it all off, she is being sued for fraud. But giving in isn’t in Susanne’s nature: She decides to take Gleim down – and in the course of her investigation she uncovers a shady conspiracy involving a lot of money. And a death where all signs point towards murder …
In his first crime novel, bestselling author Martin Wehrle depicts the unscrupulousness and the greed of the powerful and how decent people find the strength to put up a fight: a story about the human abysses that lurk everywhere, right in front of us.

The first crime novel by bestselling author Martin Wehrle



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Martin Wehrle

Martin Wehrle, renowned career advisor, coach, and non-fiction writer, has already published more than a dozen very successful works on the topics of job & career that featured on the Spiegel bestseller list (among them »I’m Working in a Madhouse«, original German title: »Ich arbeite in einem Irrenhaus«). »The Rat« is the first installment of a new crime series featuring the likeable anti-heroine Susanne Mikula – a journalist who takes on the corrupt clique of small-town politics.