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176 Pages
Publication date: October 2023
Imprint: ecoWing
Erwin Thoma

The Way of the Cherry Tree

How We Can Live and Work Together as a Community

Economy of the common good instead of predatory capitalism

The cherry tree forms a natural system from which countless living creatures benefit throughout the year. For Erwin Thoma, it is the ideal model to call for a reversal of our competitive economy.

The crises of the present hold the chance to fundamentally change our society. Away from the pursuit of ever more growth, and toward a communal economy. Erwin Thoma uses a functioning ecosystem to illustrate how this can succeed: intelligence and education are decentralized, recyclable materials are reinvested in the cycle, and phases of weakness are overcome collectively. An urgent call to action in the interest of the community instead of accumulating more and more money and power.


Erwin Thoma

Erwin Thoma, born in 1962, has founded a company that specializes in building wooden houses that are self-sufficient in energy and managed entirely without technology and insulating materials. In his books, including NATURE’S STRATEGIES and THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF TREES, he takes us into a world that has become alien to many but that can hold a key to build a sustainable new world. Erwin Thoma lives with his family in Goldegg, Austria.