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Publication date: April 2019
Imprint: Servus
Maximilian Moser

The Power Of The Swiss Pine

Healing essential oils, protection from radiation, deceleration of the heartbeat. The Swiss pine possesses many traits that benefit humans. But the connection between humans and the Swiss pine goes further than what we might have assumes at first glance. Maximilian Moser has immersed himself in this relationship and with his research he continuously delivers new findings that can profoundly improve our quality of life.

The human air circulation and the Swiss pine’s photosynthesis are closely connected. We receive oxygen to breathe from it and thus energy to live. With his studies on this fascinating tree, Maximillian Moser has created new awareness for the interactions between humans and nature and in doing so has brought an almost forgotten attitude towards life back into the present: beds made from Swiss pine ensure restful sleep, class rooms made from Swiss pine enhance the ability to concentrate, and even in the fields of culinary art and medicine the Swiss pine has many uses.
But this robust, altitude-loving conifer is not only native to Central Europe—its relatives can be found from Canada to Korea and almost everywhere in the world.

A journey into the fascinating world of the Swiss pine and its extensive powers



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Maximilian Moser

Dr. Maximilian Moser, PhD, was born in 1956. He studied Biology and Medicine at the University of Graz. Moser has made significant contributions to studies that scientifically proved the positive effect of the Swiss pine wood on our body for the first time. The father of five is a professor at the Medical University of Graz and heads the Human Research Institute for Health Technology and Preventive Research.