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256 Pages
Publication date: October 2021
Imprint: Bergwelten
Andreas Jäger Lana Bragin

The Alps at Fever Pitch

How much are two degrees more?

Alpine vegetation is migrating uphill, glaciers are retreating, permafrost is thawing at higher and higher locations.

The climate of the Alps has always been in flux – 20,000 years ago as well as 5,000 years ago. The difference to today? By now humans have taken on an influential and, what’s more, crucial role for climate and environment. The ancient passenger has taken the wheel. And so we are faced with one of the most pressing questions of our time: How do we steer in the right direction?

Andreas Jäger provides answers and facts about the history and trend of the alpine climate and gives suggestions on how we can slow down the rising temperatures by increasing our mindfulness of nature. The good news? It’s not too late.

»His book is also a stirring plea to take action now in the fight against the climate crisis.«

»Every individual is called upon to slow down global warming with a heightened awareness. This book is a great help.«

»In his book, he dispels misconceptions and misinformation and answers popular questions in a scientifically sound manner.«

»Jäger also offers suggestions on how we can still put the brakes on man-made warming and save the precious quality of life in the Alpine region.«
Wald und Holz

»For those who still doubt man-made climate change, the book The Alps at Fever Pitch is recommended.«

»The whole book is an urgent call for help to all of us.«
Memminger Zeitung

»In his book, meteorologist and geophysicist Andreas Jäger not only brings together facts about the history and development of the Alpine climate, but also highlights the urgency with which we must now react to the climate crisis.«



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Andreas Jäger

ANDREAS JÄGER, meteorologist and geophysicist, has been working in radio and television since 1994, presenting weather programs and documentaries. As a science journalist, he has been dealing with climate change for over 20 years and regularly gives lectures on the subject.