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256 Pages
Publication date: March 2020
Imprint: Bergwelten
Alexander Huber

Fear, Your Best Friend

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You don’t have to become an extreme athlete in order to team up with fear. But it is worth leaving the security of your comfort zone and taking risks. Because if we can accept our fear, it will make our lives richer.

Extreme climber Alexander Huber experiences this phenomenon first-hand on his tours: »I hang by my fingertips in a vertical wall without a rope or any protection. Fear enables concentration, because every grip has to be accurate–fear is not my weakness, fear is my best friend. It drives us, protects, warns, restrains and guides us.«

In this completely revised and expanded book, Alexander Huber conveys that fear is only a bad advisor if it is not dealt with. But when you do, it becomes a friend, steers decisions in the right direction and sharpens your focus on the essential. With new contributions by mountain guide and psychologist Jan Mersch on how to deal with fear and crises when climbing.


»Alexander Huber’s work on fear is a really exciting and clever book.«
Alpin on FEAR



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Alexander Huber

Alexander Huber, born in 1968, is a certified mountain and ski guide, expert climber, and physicist. He and his older brother Thomas are known as the »Huber Buam«. Alexander Huber is among the most successful allround climbers in the world and is also a master of free solo climbing, which is climbing without ropes or protective equipment.