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Publication date: January 2021
Imprint: ecoWing
Werner Schuster Oskar Handow Gregor Schlierenzauer

Werner Schuster, Takeoff

On the Art of Inspiring a Team


April 2008: After weeks of speculation, a press conference is held by the German Ski Association to introduce the 40-year-old Austrian Werner Schuster as the new national coach of the German ski jumpers, who are not very successful at the time.
Schuster certainly didn’t have an easy start: The junior team needs time, success eludes them still, and the criticism in the media is accordingly severe. But with clear words and values, sustainable training methods and team work, without losing sight of the people and the community, Schuster leads the German sky jumping team back to the top. Sport psychologist Oskar Handow has accompanied the journey for many years and encapsulates the transfer of knowledge from elite sports.
On emotional highlights and dealing with failure, with honest interviews and a motivation inspired by Giovane Élber.

»Schuster brought patience. Sensitivity. And a plan. With care, he helped the German team leave mediocrity and reach unforeseen successes.«
Die Zeit



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Werner Schuster

WERNER SCHUSTER, born 1969, studied psychology, junior trainer at Stams Grammar School, from 2008 to 2019 national coach of the German ski jumping team

Oskar Handow

OSKAR HANDOW, sports psychologist and management coach, has been active in management development and working with top athletes since 1999.