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Publication date: October 2019
Imprint: ecoWing
Reinhard Haller


The Psychology of Human Destructivity

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Forensic psychiatrist Reinhard Haller has spent thousands of hours with dangerous criminals. He has learnt how sadism and excessive violence incomprehensible to the »normal« mind occur and why they become a horrific reality. Haller is able to explore and survey the depths of evil like no other.

Where does evil originate, where does it reside, where, when and why is it triggered and erupts in a disastrous explosion of violence and sadism? Whether it’s a serious crime planned long beforehand and with great meticulousness or a sudden explosion of pent-up aggression—Reinhard Haller has insights into the dark areas of the psyches of offenders that only few others have been granted. He illuminates them and brings the anatomy of evil to light.


»A gripping, realistic book.«
Oberösterreichische Nachrichten on EVIL

»In his new book, forensic psychiatrist Reinhard Haller writes about the crimes of the present.«
Kronen Zeitung

»In his new book “Das Böse”, he uses specific case studies to provide a brief insight into the anatomy of evil and new impulses for the social debate on crime and punishment«
Kronen Zeitung

»Reinhard Haller provides insights into the dark areas of the criminal’s psyche that only a few are granted. He illuminates these corners and brings the anatomy of evil to light. «
Salzburger Nachrichten



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Reinhard Haller

Reinhard Haller is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist. The former medical director of the Clinic Maria Ebene and president of the Society of Criminology is a sought-after expert and forensic consultant.