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112 Pages
Publication date: October 2016
Imprint: ecoWing
Markus Scheer Wojciech Czaja

Your Feet Can Tell You Everything

Markus Scheer makes shoes. He takes a piece of wood in his hand and forms it into a cobbler’s last, as if he were shaping its personality. He thinks about the foot and the person it belongs to. He feels empathy with the man or woman who will walk in the shoes. He feels the leather. He selects the right piece, feeling it to determine its characteristics, and already he has a picture of the finished shoe in his mind.

This book is much more than a contemplation on the shoemaker’s art; Scheer’s thoughts range much wider: why are baby’s feet so irresistible? Why are our feet ticklish? And he considers whether the world would be a better place if we paid a bit more attention to our feet.


»With all these innovations, Scheer is mindful of the fact that he’s modernizing an enterprise that will celebrate its bicentennial in 2016. But at the same time, one foot is firmly planted in upholding the family legacy.«
The Wall Street Journal

»The perfect shoe, ‘like clouds on the inside, like a sculpture on the outside’, must come above all else.«
Die Presse

»Scheer Shoes are a Viennese legacy«
The Wall Street Journal


Markus Scheer

Markus Scheer heads the seventh-generation, family-run shoemaker Scheer. His profession and innovative thinking on feet and shoes touch on subjects ranging from shoe design and psychology to craftsmanship and philosophy. One of the world’s top shoemakers, whose customers included the Austrian emperor, the company can look back on a history stretching back 200 years. Markus Scheer lives in Vienna with his family.