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192 Pages
Publication date: October 2020
Imprint: ecoWing
Uwe Böschemeyer

The Inner Adversary

How to Find and Overcome It

We know it as our “inner couch potato” who prevents us from getting up from the sofa. We also know it as our evil inner voice that denies us our happiness and turns our life into the negative. But this inner adversary is not invincible. Uwe Böschemeyer shows us how to meet him and not let him determine our destiny.

In his new book, Uwe Böschemeyer shows that everybody has an inner adversary, a weaker self, which prevents us from acting, from advancing, from positive personal development. It is Böschemeyer’s concern to make him recognizable in all his forms and to convey that it is not fate, not the stars, not genetics that determine the weal and woe of our life’s journey, but this inner counterpart. Our happiness depends on whether we let him have the upper hand or whether we get to know him well and limit his influence on usr. With this book, Uwe Böschemeyer establishes a new therapeutic concept that is directed towards the human being.

»The psychotherapist Uwe Böschemeyer pleads in his latest work for more confidence, courage and love.«
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Uwe Böschemeyer

Uwe Böschemeyer, born in 1939, is a best-selling author and psychotherapist. He studied under Viktor Frankl and, with his consent, opened the first German Institute of Logotherapy. He is Rector of the Europäische Akademie für Wertorientierte Persönlichkeitsbildung (European Academy of Value-orientated Personality Development) and Head of the Institut für Logotherapie und Existenzanalyse (Institute of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis) in Salzburg.