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128 Pages
Publication date: January 2018
Imprint: ecoWing
Joachim Klöckner

The Little Minimalist

Practical Experience for a Freeing, Happy Life

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Joachim Klöckner has succeeded in what many long to do. He has managed the growing complexity of everyday life by freeing himself from most of the objects that people consider necessary. In doing so, he has discovered that you need much less to be happy than you think.

Joachim Klöckner lives with only around 50 things that he needs to live. It does not take any more to be happy. He tries to consume as little as possible. This is a good idea in itself, especially in the context of an ever-growing population on earth, and it is gaining more and more proponents every day.

But how can everyone manage to do this? How can you find the way out of the rat race and into a happy, self-determined life? How can you get rid of unnecessary ballast and how do you recognize the really important objects which you cannot live without? How can you escape the influences of your environment and your fellow human beings?


Joachim Klöckner

Joachim Klöckner, born in 1949, was an average consumer for many years. In the »Chernobyl year« of 1986 he decided to do something for the future and worked as an energy consultant for companies for the next 15 years. Then he discovered the minimalist way of life and reduced his consumption and household.

Today, everything he owns can fit in a backpack.