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254 Pages
Publication date: March 2019
Imprint: ecoWing
Wolfgang Lalouschek

The Day I'm Going To Quite Everything

Escaping Life Crises and Burnout

Nowadays, countless people are carrying within them a big NO to their life and everything they perceive in their environment. And they long for a life in which they can truly say YES. Burnout and exhaustion don’t just affect well-paid managers – they affect everyone, no matter the age or the specific situation in life.

Burnout is a highly individual crisis where issues of personal development and inhibited evolvement usually coincide with an external stress situation. Many times, this culminates in a phantasy: »I’ll just quit everything!« Even though people feel powerless and don’t know how to keep going, this phantasy of the theatrical exit is rarely put into action. Because yes, everything can get better. However: That takes an effort. It takes the courage to face the internal situation and to change the external conditions. It means planning, consistency, and the willingness to accept help.

A book that shows that the ways out of a crisis aren’t usually fast or easy but aren’t as hard or impossible as you might think.



Wolfgang Lalouschek

Wolfgang Lalouschek, born in Vienna in 1964, is a neurologist and systemic coach. Moreover, he is the dean of the academic chair for psychosomatic medicine at the Sigmund Freud University Vienna and medical superintendent of the health center The Tree. His work focuses on mental heath and how to help people find their way out of grave crises.