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248 Pages
Publication date: October 2015
Imprint: ecoWing
Reinhard Haller

The Power of Grievance

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Some kind of grievance lies behind almost all of the problems people experience. The doctor and psychotherapist Reinhard Haller uses a selection of examples to illustrate the profound effect psychological wounds can have, and how we can use them to grow and strengthen our personalities.


»The highlights of this […] important book about the most dangerous states of the human mind include his descriptions of Sissi syndrome, honour killing and jealousy, the ›grievance struggles‹ of married couples, humiliation – ›the deepest scar‹ – and the chronic grievance of resentment, indiscriminate killings and terrorism, as well as feelings of insult and bitterness that manifest themselves through silence.«

»This man knows what he’s talking about«



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Reinhard Haller

Reinhard Haller is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist. The former medical director of the Clinic Maria Ebene and president of the Society of Criminology is a sought-after expert and forensic consultant.