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Publication date: February 2018
Imprint: ecoWing
Johannes Steyrer

The Power Of Manipulation

How to Assert Yourself, How to Protect Yourself

Manipulation is not a privilege of masterminds and not a deficit of the weak-minded. It is happening – always and everywhere. It occurs when siblings fight for the last can of soda just as much as in the icy atmosphere of trading rooms in the international stock exchanges.

When I have set my mind on doing something but don’t know how to go about achieving my goal, I’m forced to come up with a plan. Does this piecemeal strategy help me achieve my goal or do I have to put my foot down? How to I get others to let me do as I like, to support me, or even to actively participate in my project? Questions like these arise in all aspect of life. This book helps create a higher awareness for the minor and the major instances of manipulation. However, the findings presented are not manipulative but supported by most current research findings from the fields of psychology and economic sciences. And – this book shows how to win the big game of manipulation. Not always, but more often than not.


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Johannes Steyrer

Johannes Steyrer is Professor of Organizational Behavior at the Vienna University of Economics and Business where he oversees the Master’s degrees in »Management« and »Health Care Management«. Imparting knowledge in a vivid manner is his element – as a lecturer and as an author.