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184 Pages
Publication date: February 2020
Imprint: ecoWing
Gerhard Zallinger

The Power within Yourself

Tensions, stress, pain: every body stores experiences and thus tells its own story. How would it be if we could read and rewrite this story? Among the new training methods for health promotion, vegetative training is revolutionary. It can open the door to freedom from pain and increased life energy.

Vegetative training brings back into order that which has been upset by injury or trauma of all kinds. A chronic illness can be prevented, a healing phase can be influenced positively. Vivid and comprehensive case studies show how the training concept works in practice.



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Gerhard Zallinger

Gerhard Zallinger, born 1970 in Linz, has a doctorate in sports science. As a coach, he looks after athletes and footballers in top-class sport. He passes on his knowledge as a university lecturer. Currently he is coaching the Austrian national football team.