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232 Pages
Publication date: April 2017
Imprint: ecoWing
Susanne Schnieder Tanja Leitsch Carsten Tergast

The Brat Republic

The Daily Madness in Our Kindergartens

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This book tells true stories from real life to show the daily lives of teachers and parents which are happening amid the current madness of teaching models, overwhelmed parents and educational misconceptions.

A polemic, an outcry from the part of society that deals with children every day. Its central proposition is that if we continue as we have done so far, more issues that we already perceive as being a heavy burden on society will emerge, including depression, burn-out, a lack of empathy, violence and crime.

The authors do not want to point the finger of blame, but rather assign responsibility, not to label children as tyrants but to show the impact if they act in that way. A mother said to the teacher: »I want you to kneel before my son every morning when you greet him!« That is, you should be meeting her offspring at their eye level. When you first hear this it sounds amusing and makes you shake your head. But such behaviour from parents has long been the rule in day-care centres and kindergartens.


Susanne Schnieder

Susanne Schnieder is the head of a kindergarten, a dance teacher, systemic health coach and a consultant in youth and adult education. She has two children.

Tanja Leitsch

Tanja Leitsch has a degree in education and is a systemic coach in social organisations.