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240 Pages
Publication date: September 2019
Imprint: ecoWing
Paul Lendvai

A Wasted World

Encounters and Memories


Paul Lendvai is heading into the tenth decade of his moving life. He observes current events with the same alert and accurate clarity that has distinguished him throughout his journalistic career. Therefore, he is in a position to analyze the history he experienced firsthand in view of a contemporary background like no other. His recollections of outstanding figures and anecdotes from an eventful life as a journalist make this book a one-of-a-kind treasure chest of history.

Paul Lendvai allows us to take a unique look at history’s great and powerful. Many times, he found himself at the decisive moments of political developments. As a journalist, but also as the conversational partner of international movers and shakers who found in him an opponent who makes having profound discussions with a personal note enjoyable. These include Bruno Kreisky, the leading figures of Eastern European countries after the turn of eras, and of course the political leaders of his native country Hungary. The author has set out once more to portray events and people so that no wrong light may shine from today’s perspective onto historical facts.

»Paul Lendvai is one of the most informed, thoughtful and inspiring journalists and commentators of our time.«
Fred Kempe, President of the Atlantic Council Washington, former. Editor of the Wall Street Journal Europe

»An outstanding voice in European journalism.«


Paul Lendvai

Paul Lendvai, born in Budapest in 1929, has lived in Vienna since 1957. He is editor-in-chief of the magazine Europäische Rundschau, head of the ORF’s Europe studio, and author of 17 successful works of nonfiction that have been translated into ten languages. His works have received numerous prizes, among them the Grand Decoration of Honour in Gold of the Republic of Austria. In December 2018, he was awarded the European Book Prize.