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Publication date: February 2017
Imprint: ecoWing
Ulrich Conrady

Parents, Relax!

An Appeal for a World Where Children Can Show Their Feelings and Make Mistakes

The well-known educational therapist Ulrich Conrady provides answers to controversial questions. At the same time he gives a deeper understanding of neurobiological processes in his book and describes gentle ways for parents and their children to rediscover themselves and embark on the path to a stress-free, happy life.

More and more often, we arrive home feeling stressed. Too high demands placed on our professional and private lives take their toll, making us mentally ill and driving us to have a burn-out. We pass this stress on to our children and deny them the opportunity of an unburdened start in life.

Ulrich Conrady offers a way out of this downwards spiral. He gives us valuable tips on how to slow down our lives. He explains the interplay of nerves, hormones and other bodily mechanisms from a neurobiological perspective and tells us how we can consciously steer our bodies in the right direction.
He appeals to us to listen to our gut instinct, and to let children be children again.


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Ulrich Conrady

Ulrich Conrady, a trained ventilation fitter, discovered the power of sound and relaxation, intuition and purposeful action when working as a neurocoach. He developed a modern sound therapy, Audio-Visuelle-Wahrnehmungsförderung (Audiovisual Sensory Training), which was initially intended primarily for the treatment of children living with learning and language disorders.

Today, Conrady also looks after many top athletes.