Erscheinungstermin: 27.04.2023
Within three decades, Gottfried Wurpes has shaped and revolutionized Austria's fitness movement. FITNESSLIFE is the inside journey of an extraordinary man: The story of how a shy apprentice became a confident athlete, fitness visionary and outstanding entrepreneur. Sport has led Gottfried Wurpes to success and carried him through crises; it gives him structure and rhythm. Enthusiasm for movement is his secret to creative ideas and successful relationships - including with the many celebrities for whom Gottfried Wurpes has designed training spaces. Thousands of fitness areas bear his signature. In the book FITNESSLIFE, he crystallizes the seven qualities of transformation on which his success is based.

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Gottfried Wurpes

At fifteen, Gottfried Wurpes entered a gym for the first time and knew, »This is my life!« Today, thousands of workout rooms bear his signature. In FITNESSLIFE, the visionary of the fitness movement describes how sports changed and shaped his life-and what the seven qualities of transformation are for his success.