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208 Pages
Publication date: April 2019
Imprint: ecoWing
Werner Gruber

Flirting With The Stars

What You Always Wanted to Know About the Universe But Were Afraid to Ask

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What happened before the Big Bang? Are there aliens? Can horoscopes be right? Are black holes intelligent? What is dark matter? This book gives answers on those and many other questions.

Our author is approached by people with questions about the universe, astronomy, or space travel after lectures, on the street, or in the queue at the supermarket checkout. All those questions are definitely quite urgent. Fearful earthlings want to know what to expect if a meteor hits, for example. But practical matters of modern space travel, like how and where an astronaut uses the toilet, require clarification by an expert. Humorous episodes and serios astrophysics take turns in this book. What did Einstein actually discover, is his theory correct, and why did we have to wait for Stephen Hawking to understand it? Things like these are of utmost interest and expert Gruber brings light into the darkness.


Werner Gruber

Werner Gruber, born in 1970, is an Austrian physicist, author of popular scientific literature, and cabaret artist. Educator, astronomer, director of the Planetarium and the observatories in Vienna, winner of the German Cabaret Prize, founder of the Science Busters. On familiar terms with both the audience and the stars, busy lecturer with great stage presence. Coquets with being overweight and talks openly about cardiac arrest, pacemakers, gastric bypass surgery. Inventor of the modern pork roast.