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Publication date: October 2017
Imprint: ecoWing
Nahlah Saimeh

I'll Kill You

Hate and violence in our society

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The nursing care worker Olaf D. killed five retirees within ten days. Because he seemed so nice, his victims had blindly trusted him. Nahlah Saimeh knows that apparently »normal« people can become murderers, that the potential for violence is in every human being, and she understands the consequences for an increasingly brutal society.

The author is a forensic psychiatrist and sought-after expert in many spectacular criminal cases. She examined the »Grandma murderer« of Bremerhaven, the accused in the process of the »horror house in Höxter«, the »Geiselgangster« of Gladbeck, Dieter D., and many other violent offenders.

In her new book, she examines the phenomena and causes of violence, spanning an arc from violence in the social near field to killing sprees and terror. It is a psychological societal analysis, which contains many fascinating case examples and encourages us to ask ourselves where we stand.


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Nahlah Saimeh

Dr. Nahlah Saimeh, born in 1966 in Münster, Westphalia, studied human medicine and subsequently completed her specialist training as a physician for psychiatry and psychotherapy. Today she is medical director of the LWL Center for Forensic Psychiatry in Lippstadt. She has served as an expert on many known criminal cases.