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276 Pages
Publication date: March 2012
Imprint: ecoWing
Andreas Salcher

I Didn't Know

What did you do? One day, a child is going to look you in the eyes. A child you know. It is going to name the things happening today as they are: exploitation of resources, poisoning of desires, indifference towards suffering, maximization of self-interests. And then the question follows: Did you really not know back then? Suddenly we begin to feel that it is affecting us and that we have to decide: looking and acting or looking away and refraining from doing anything.

In many moving examples, Andreas Salcher shows that each and every attempt, be it ever so small, to seize an opportunity has the potential to become a fascinating event. We don’t always have the opportunity to change the big things in the world, but we do have the power to correct the small ones.

»This is not a book about world improvement, but about self-improvement.«


Andreas Salcher

Andreas Salcher is a management consultant and pioneering thinker on educational issues. He is one of Austria’s most successful non-fiction writers and co-founder of the Sir Karl Popper School for gifted children in Vienna.
In 2004 Salcher initiated the Waldzell Meetings at Melk Abbey in Lower Austria, which were attended by eight Nobel Prize winners including the Dalai Lama.