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116 Pages
Publication date: February 2017
Imprint: ecoWing
Rudolf Obauer Klaus Kamolz

I Cook, Therefore I Am

Rudi Obauer explains what really matters when cooking and eating and how to recognise good products. The kitchen will once again become a place of joy and social interaction. He shows how we can find our own style through craftsmanship and at the same time create great meals that make us feel good. When we think about our food and work with joy, cooking can become an existential experience again.

Rudi Obauer advocates mindful shopping, cooking and eating and shows how you can cook and enjoy eating with great instructions and handy tips.

»I believe that we can protect our endangered freedom, and even augment it by way of our nutrition. It may sound dramatic, but cooking, food, and drink is our life, which is why it seems natural that we should be able to find our centre as a whole through it. If we circle restlessly and frustrated around this centre, we often employ phrases that describe a lack of culinary pleasure: we lose our appetite, we become rancid, we bottle up our worries, and finally, we’re sick of everything.«


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Rudolf Obauer

Austrian top chef Rudi Obauer and his brother Karl own the restaurant and hotel Obauer in Werfen. Inspired by Bocuse, he studied in the kitchens of Europe’s culinary trendsetters. His kitchen has received many distinctions and is a fixed star in the firmament of Austria’s culinary scene. His excellent and versatile dishes featuring wild game can be enjoyed not just in the fall but year-round.