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210 Pages
Publication date: October 2021
Imprint: ecoWing
Jochen Stadler

Child Needs Dog


If puppies get to know human children as great companions soon after birth, they will get along with them very well for the rest of their lives. The critical first ten weeks therefore determine the well-being of the family for many years.

A young dog and a small child frolicking together in the garden – that is the stuff the most beautiful family videos are made of. And those are the scenes that parents have in mind when they decide to bring a puppy into the house and make it part of the family. If a few important things are taken into account, the wish becomes reality. Dog and child must learn to understand one another. Understanding builds trust. Without it, aggressive behavior or even dangerous situations can occur. This book explains what children, parents and grandparents need to know so that their little four-legged friends become balanced, reliable best friends who love children.


Jochen Stadler

JOCHEN STADLER is a biologist and science journalist who writes for the Austria Presse Agentur, the weekly newspaper profil and heureka!, the science magazine of the Vienna city newspaper Falter. He has worked with dogs of various breeds for the Austrian Dog Water Rescue and is training his Flat-Coated Retriever Kleo to be a rescue dog on water and on land.