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416 Pages
Publication date: November 2017
Imprint: ecoWing
Thomas Brezina

Knickerbocker Gang - 4EVER: Volume 1

Old spirits never rest

The invitation came by mail in a simple, but personally designed envelope.

20 years after they had all parted in the dispute. Dominik had hesitated to accept the invitation. After all, there were good reasons why he had not seen Axel, Lilo and Poppy since that evening. The dispute was not forgotten. They had all changed since then, had grown up, and the former gang no longer existed. But the letter had stirred him up. Poppy was seriously ill and called them all together. How could he say no? None of them could cancel the meeting. And none of them could imagine that their common history on a blood-soaked and mysterious island would take a new and eerie turn.

The Knickerbocker Gang is the most successful children’s book series by Thomas Brezina. It has been translated into more than 19 languages and sold millions of times.


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Thomas Brezina

Thomas Brezina, born in 1963, is an Austrian author of books for children and young adults, as well as screenwriter, TV presenter and producer. He is particularly known for his book series The Knickerbocker Gang, A Case for You and The Tiger Team as well as the series Tom Turbo and the related television series.