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232 Pages
Publication date: April 2012
Imprint: ecoWing
Florian Freistetter


Making a Case for the Apocalypse

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Cosmic collisions don’t enjoy a particularly good reputation. Whether it’s planets colliding, galaxies crashing, or even entire universes clashing: the consequences are always dramatic and usually disastrous. But destruction isn’t the only effect collisions have. They are also at the beginning of everything, without them there wouldn’t be any light on Earth.

Join Florian Freistetter on a tour of the universe! Observe from a safe distance as everything that can possibly crash in the universe crashes! You will experience all sorts of different collisions, from asteroid impacts to entire universes colliding with each other, and realize that there is a lot we owe to cosmic catastrophes. Because after all, the world is not going to end that easily.


Florian Freistetter

Florian Freistetter studied Astronomy at the University of Vienna. He wrote his doctoral thesis about asteroids that collide with the Earth, and later conducted research into the stability of planetary systems. In 2005, he left Vienna and subsequently worked at the University Observatory Jena and the Astronomical Calculation Institute at Heidelberg University. In 2008, he founded „Astrodicticum simplex“, a blog dedicated to astronomy, which today belongs among the most-read science blogs in the German language. He currently lives in Jena where he works as a science writer.