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Publication date: February 2018
Imprint: ecoWing
Sigrid Engelbrecht Michael Linden

Let It Go!

Enough Already – Leaving Bitterness Behind

The excruciating feeling one experiences when suffering injustice, debasement or humiliation is a »hot« emotion that can feel worse than fear or depression. It takes a hold of individuals as well as the collective. This book helps to understand where this emotion originates and how to free oneself from it.

When someone is unable to get over an insult, they become insufferable to themselves and to others. Everyone knows how difficult it is to rid oneself of gnawing bitterness and how debilitating this is if one wishes to solve problems in a productive manner. Michael Linden is a professor at the Charité in Berlin and one of the internationally leading scientists in the field. He shows how we can rid ourselves of these fetters. As a trainer and coach, Sigrid Engelbrecht focuses on the question of what it is that makes it easier for people to let go of their burdens. Why is the deck always stacked against me? Why am I being treated badly? How can I get away from all of that? Why is there so much strife and bitterness in our social coexistence? In this book, the authors draw from many years of experience in order to show how bitterness occurs and how one can learn to deal with it and protect oneself from it. And that way, those affected experience immediate support. The importance of the topic for our society is also examined.


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Sigrid Engelbrecht

Sigrid Engelbrecht is a mental and wellness coach and is an expert for stress management. As a coach, she accompanies people through professional and personal developmental processes.

Michael Linden

Michael Linden is a doctor of neurology, psychiatry and psychosomatic medicine, and psychotherapy. He is a psychologist and psychological psychotherapist. He heads the research team on psychosomatic rehabilitation at the Charité and is a medical instructor for advanced training courses at the Institute for Behavior Therapy in Berlin.