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168 Pages
Publication date: January 2014
Imprint: ecoWing
Martin Apolin Mandy Fischer

Do It!

The Ultimate Physics of Losing Weight

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What do a human and a donut have in common? How far do you have to walk to work off the nutritional value of a beer? And why does our body protect its fat reserves so vehemently?

Martin Apolin has conclusive answers to these questions and more. In addition to that, he makes it clear that there is basically only one rule you need to observe in order to lose weight. And it’s a darn simple one at that. Without giving too much away here: Forget about diets! To lose weight you don’t need to eat cabbage soup for days on end, don’t need to go to bed at night with a growling stomach, and you also don’t need to give up your beloved carbs.

Humorous, entertaining and scientifically sound, Apolin explains how many lies about nutrition can be scientifically disproven with the findings of physics and medicine – and how you can really lose weight permanently and fuss-free.


Martin Apolin

Martin Apolin was born in Vienna in 1965. With a PhD in Physics and as a sports scientist, he knows that everything in this universe is subject to the laws of physics – and he also knows how to get to the bottom of these boundaries. When he is not debunking diet myths, he teaches at a Viennese high school and at the Department of Physics at the University of Vienna.