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256 Pages
Publication date: September 2010
Imprint: ecoWing
Andreas Salcher

My Last Hour

This is not a book about death. This a book about life. About each and every single one of those days that still lie ahead of us. About our dreams and wishes, which we often don’t give the chance to be fulfilled. About our love for other people, which we often don’t have the courage to voice out loud. About love for ourselves, which often doesn’t exist in our life. About the possibilities life presents us with and which we don’t take owing to fear or which don’t recognize because we’re unaware. About seemingly desirable goals which, in hindsight, make us realize that we’ve overlooked much more significant things on the way to reach them. About the twinkle in our eyes that begins to fade slowly.

We only live our life once. There is no chance of doing it better the next time around. To truly live means to risk the attempt to live by our own standards again and again. It’s never too late to begin the journey to your possibilities. This book is a companion for the many unwritten, blank pages of your life.


Andreas Salcher

Andreas Salcher is a management consultant and pioneering thinker on educational issues. He is one of Austria’s most successful non-fiction writers and co-founder of the Sir Karl Popper School for gifted children in Vienna.
In 2004 Salcher initiated the Waldzell Meetings at Melk Abbey in Lower Austria, which were attended by eight Nobel Prize winners including the Dalai Lama.