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Publication date: August 2017
Imprint: ecoWing
Reinhard Haller

Never be Addicted Again

Living in Balance

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Addiction arises when a man‘s longing for the primal needs of harmony, security, pleasure, love and happiness slips away from him, he wants to have more and more and knows no boundaries. Being addicted means never having enough, never being satisfied and paying the price for just a few hours of happiness with an increasing lack of freedom.

Usually you are not even aware of your own developing addiction at first. And there are many addictions out there, you can be addicted to television, to the internet, shopping, gambling, alcohol, nicotine and other drugs, to food and being thin, to work, computers and sex. If the addiction is not tackled in time, it leads to increasing mental and social problems, to the loss of freedom and ultimately to isolation. Reinhard Haller analyses the multiple causes of addiction and shows ways of overcoming them.


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Reinhard Haller

Reinhard Haller is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist. The former medical director of the Clinic Maria Ebene and president of the Society of Criminology is a sought-after expert and forensic consultant.