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Publication date: April 2021
Imprint: ecoWing
Reinhard Haller


Caught Between Power and Powerlessness

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The desire for revenge occurs in every relationship, even in some of the closest. And the thoughts of revenge are often followed by actions. In most cases, they are expressed in everyday malice but sometimes, they manifest in incredible crimes. From his psychotherapeutic practice, the author knows the sweetness and the bitterness of revenge. And the inevitable feeling of guilt that follows.
When one’s soul is hurt, when one’s ego is offended, the desire for revenge isn’t far. Psychotherapist and best-selling author Reinhard Haller knows the small, evil, nagging voice within that calls for revenge, that wants to avenge a perceived or an actual injustice. But he also knows the big criminal cases he has worked on as a forensic psychiatrist. He shows the abysses vindictiveness leads to and that even the sweetest revenge leaves a bitter overtone—which persist in the form of guilt and a bad conscience for much longer than the sweetness could endure.

»He shows the abysses to which the desire for revenge leads, and that even the sweetest revenge has a bitter taste.«
Vorarlberger Nachrichten

Reinhard Haller’s analysis of psychic disorders and spectacular crimes are internationally sought after.«
Bezirksblatt Mattersburg

Reinhard Haller provides systematic insight into the phenomenon of revenge. He explains case studies and offers solutions.«



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Reinhard Haller

Reinhard Haller is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist. The former medical director of the Clinic Maria Ebene and president of the Society of Criminology is a sought-after expert and forensic consultant.