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232 Pages
Publication date: March 2017
Imprint: ecoWing
Marc Ritter Tom Ising

Size Matters

The Book About True Greatness

Higher, faster, further – longer, larger, wider. The comparison of achievements and the size of objects has been a central point of human observation for tens of thousands of years. This book playfully points out differences where you are not expecting them, and vividly demonstrates what you would not have suspected.

Primitive man had to know which prey would help his family survive longer, just as man today has to know which car will be best for taking his loved ones from A to B. It is impossible to imagine a lot of things without comparing them: how many football fields fit into Central Park? Who already knows that the heart of a blue whale is the same size as a VW Beetle? Or that 2000 years ago, the Roman Circus Maximus would fit in four times as many people as the Camp Nou football stadium in Barcelona?

This book is brimming with surprises, a-has and wows! It is entertaining and has very compelling illustrations.


Tom Ising

Tom Ising worked for the jetzt magazine of the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Subsequently he founded a design agency Herburg Weiland. Since then he has worked as an art director for book and magazine publishers and for wellknown companies from the culture and business sectors.