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240 Pages
Publication date: September 2018
Imprint: ecoWing
Florian Gschwandtner Matthias Bernold

This Is How You Do Startup

My Life and My Secret of Success

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His path to »Mister Runtastic« wasn’t planned. As a farmer’s son in Strengberg in Lower Austria, he was meant to take over his parents’ farm. But Florian Gschwandtner followed another, his own path: With boundless ambition, courage, unconventional thinking, a smart choice of university courses, and an instinct for business and digital trends, he laid the foundations for his future success.
With the 220-million-Euro sale to Adidas, he achieves the most lucrative exit in Austrian startup history. As a keynote speaker, motivational speaker, and angel investor, he imparts his knowledge on the next generation. This is a book about how to use personal experiences—including set-backs—and acquired skills as resources to surpass oneself. A book for founders of startups, athletes, leaders, and everyone wishing to find and live their full potential.

»Florian has just the right dose of megalomania that entrepreneurship needs.« Andreas Wiele, President Classifieds Media, Axel Springer

»Florian is a builder, from creating startups to reviving brands to building platforms that save the earth. He sees what can be rather than what is.« Eric Liedtke, Adidas Executive Board Member Global Brands


Florian Gschwandtner

Florian Gschwandtner, born in Steyr, Austria, in 1983, is »Mister Runtastic«. He was meant to take over his parents’ farm, but he decided on a different course. After studying Computer Sciences and Corporate Logistics, he founded the running app Runtastic in 2009. Over the course of only a few years, the app was clicked on 244 million times. Runtastic was sold to Adidas. Gschwandtner remained CEO and belongs among the most successful self-made entrepreneurs in the country.