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126 Pages
Publication date: September 2021
Imprint: ecoWing
Wolf Lotter

Make an Effort!

Why Performance Must Become Worthwhile Again


We live in comfort zones and are under the impression that most things are available without requiring much effort. But that is an illusion. Today, it’s no longer about quantity, like it used to be, but about quality and having the better solution.

Knowledge, ideas, innovations, solutions to problems: They don’t just fall into our laps; they have to be worked hard for. This is all the more difficult because it is no longer enough to simply be a good participant, to exert yourself physically and to give your all. Our knowledge society needs self-motivated high performers to develop a new performance society: one in which one’s commitment and self-determined efforts are no longer a burden but a pleasure. In which hard work becomes something worthwhile for everyone once more, and in which we understand that the more we exert ourselves, the easier things are.


Wolf Lotter

WOLF LOTTER, born in Mürzzuschlag, Austria, in 1962, is the co-founder of brand eins magazine, for which he writes the lead essays. He has previously served on the editorial boards of Cash Flow, News and Profil and is a sought-after keynote speaker and consultant on the topic of »Transformation from the Industrial to the Knowledge Society«. He lives near Stuttgart with his family.