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296 Pages
Publication date: November 2013
Imprint: ecoWing
Werner Gruber Thomas Wizany

Incredibly Simple, Simply Incredible

Surviving With Physics

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You’re stirring your latte and are surprised to see it froth? Looking at your untidy apartment you’re thinking of chaos theory? You wonder about how to survive an airplane crash? It’s all physics!

For Werner Gruber, physics starts where others think it ends. And you don’t even have to swallow a razor blade or book a survival camp in the desert in order to experience physics up close and personal. You’re dealing with it all the time. And there are other questions it provides the answers to: What is keeping the world together? Why do we get warm when we cuddle? When is it »Down with Goulash«-time? And how do you diffuse a bomb?

In this completely revised edition of his bestselling book, Werner Gruber presents the world in a new light: He shows incredible phenomena from mundane and extreme situations, provides tips for your daily life, and solves many a perplexing mystery of science.


Werner Gruber

Werner Gruber, born in 1970, is an Austrian physicist, author of popular scientific literature, and cabaret artist. Educator, astronomer, director of the Planetarium and the observatories in Vienna, winner of the German Cabaret Prize, founder of the Science Busters. On familiar terms with both the audience and the stars, busy lecturer with great stage presence. Coquets with being overweight and talks openly about cardiac arrest, pacemakers, gastric bypass surgery. Inventor of the modern pork roast.