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256 Pages
Publication date: March 2021
Imprint: ecoWing
Matthias Eckoldt


Particles. Paranoia. Pandemics.


Matthias Eckoldt tells the story of the virus and its scientific exploration that spans from the mythical abiogenesis of the pathogens to modern laboratory techniques and menacing future scenarios.
A story of pandemics could be told quickly and would always show the same gloomy process. Yet it is made fascinating when set against the backdrop of the study of viruses, the struggle for gaining insight into their specific nature. In his new book, multi-award-winning science author Matthias Eckoldt tells the story of these smallest of forms of life, from the speculations in Antiquity and utterly fearless self-experiments to the cunning contemporary methods of analysis. This book makes clear that, to date, we have barely begun to penetrate the world of viruses. A highly gripping and readily intelligible scientific work.

»A highly exciting and at the same time generally understandable science book.«

»Even biochemical explanations remain generally comprehensible. And especially the high-risk, sometimes brutal experiments in the field of vaccine research are read with an interested chill.«
Neue Züricher Zeitung



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Matthias Eckoldt

MATTHIAS ECKOLDT, born in Berlin in 1964, is the author of novels, non-fiction books and plays. His works “Eine kurze Geschichte von Gehirn und Geist” and “Leonardos Erbe” were both nominated for the Bild der Wissenschaft Book Prize. Eckoldt was awarded the IDW Prize for Science Journalism and the Fellowship of the American Council on Germany in New York.