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204 Pages
Publication date: June 2016
Imprint: ecoWing
Nansen & Piccard

Ten Thousand Years of Sex

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Horny since 10 000 years – The Pharaoh Akhenaton liked to wear women’s dresses, medieval monks fantasised about strap-on dildos, homosexual Native Americans conquered the Weimarer Republic and a Porn Queen fights for world peace on the Internet. The history of sexuality is amusing, exciting, crazy – and pretty tantalizing.

TEN THOUSAND YEARS OF SEX book is an entertaining and comprehensive account of sexual (im)morality down the ages, beginning with the emergence of erotica about 8000 BC, and encompassing the first love acrobats in India as well as modern phenomena such as Nipplegate, Tinder and Fifty Shades of Grey.

With the help of various examples, the book’s 100 chapters shine a light on the sexual behaviours of every era, with countless pointed and lovingly designed illustrations that often leave little to the imagination.


»This beautiful book shows that discovering your own sexuality is like learning a craft. It takes time to be able to use the tools properly. And all too soon, it slips away again.«
Wolfgang Joop

»Covering over 200 pages, the book takes readers on an entertaining journey through the history of human sexuality.«
Frankfurter Rundschau

»As saucy as it is amusing«


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Nansen & Piccard

TEN THOUSAND YEARS OF SEX is a collaborative production of editorial agency Nansen & Piccard, with contributions from Jakob Schrenk (born 1977), Benedikt Sarreiter (born 1976), Barbara Höfler (born 1977), Pauline Krätzig (born 1986) and Paul-Philipp Hanske (born 1975). They work as journalists and writers for publications including Süddeutsche Zeitung, SZ Magazin, Standard, Neon, Capital and Wired, and have published a diverse range of books.