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Publication date: January 2020
Imprint: ecoWing
Lukas Sustala

Too Late to the Party

Why an Entire Generation is Missing the Train


»Someday, my children should have it better than me!« This has been the wish of parents for many decades. But the party was yesterday, the boom is history. The 2008 financial crisis has left huge scars on the CVs of the Millennials and Generation Y. Today, young people often find absurdly poor opportunities in their jobs, in education and on the housing market.
Lukas Sustala, economic researcher and born in 1986 knows that social advancement is anything but certain for the new generations. For a long time to come, the disruption of the global economic crisis – a legacy of the baby boomers – will show how extraordinary painful the years after the financial crisis of 2008 will be for the millennials and future generations.

With his polemic, Sustala shows what we must do to maintain a certain standard, so that the new mantra could read: »At least, my children shouldn’t have a worse life than I did.«



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Lukas Sustala

Lukas Sustala, born in Vienna in 1986, is an economist and journalist. His position as deputy director of the economic research institute Agenda Austria has provided him with the empirical basis, his previous job as a journalist (financial editor at Der Standard, editor-in-chief at with the elegant style. Lukas Sustala lives in Vienna and currently writes a colum for the newspaper Kurier.