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216 Pages
Publication date: March 2018
Imprint: Servus
Christine Metzger Elisabeth Ruckser

Baking Bread

Like Only Few Still Know How

You can feel the warmth coming from the bakery as the unmistakable aroma of freshly baked bread hangs in the air: there are still some people who bake bread as only a few still know how. This book introduces them and gives them a chance to share their secrets about baking and flavor, and of the joy of making something with your hands, something full of life: the dough, which ferments, rises and – subdued by fire – is transformed into a delicacy.

The authors wanted to use the book to tell stories and keep them alive. And naturally, not without trying their hand at some of the bread recipes they learned about.


Christine Metzger

Christine Metzger has been working as a freelance journalist, editor and author since 1985. Before that, she worked as an editor at two major renowned publishing houses in Munich and Cologne.

Elisabeth Ruckser

Elisabeth Ruckser has been dealing with the subject of high-quality foods for many years and runs the Erste Waldviertler Biobackschule, a school for baking with organic ingredients. She regularly writes contributions for the sections From Grandma’s Cookbook and Home-made Delicacies in Servus in Stadt & Land magazine. She has authored numerous books and as a journalist, she travels all around Austria in search of authentic food craftsmen and producers.