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208 Pages
Publication date: September 2021
Imprint: Servus
Elisabeth Dießl Veronika Halmbacher

Beautiful homemade Wreaths

Harmonious play of colors, aromatic fragrance and sensual symbolism: How to bring the beauty of nature into your own four walls.

Whether as an inviting adornment for the front door, traditional wedding decoration or homemade greeting: wreaths have decorated us and our homes ever since. They represent infinity and go with the seasons – boxwood in spring, blossoms in summer, berries in autumn or cones in winter. Each plant speaks its own language and tells stories about times long past.

Elisabeth Dießl and Veronika Halmbacher get to the bottom of these and explain step by step what wonderful things can be created with a piece of wire, a pair of garden scissors and a few twigs and flowers.

»With step-by-step instructions, Elisabeth Dießl and Veronika Halmbacher take you into the colorful world of wreaths and show what can be created with a few flowers or twigs, a pair of garden shears and a piece of wire.«
der Ennstaler

»This craft book beckons you outdoors: colorful inspiration awaits you in the garden, on meadows and fields and in the forest!«
Der Alm und Bergbauer

»In the natural materials used, they [the authors] also go into medicinal effects from time to time, in addition to the explanations of the historical origins and the significance of certain plants.[…] Recommended«


Elisabeth Dießl

Elisabeth Dießl leads her parents’ hotel on the beautiful Tegernsee into the next generation. As a healing and TEH practitioner, she devotes herself to her great passion whenever there is time: nature.

Veronika Halmbacher

Veronika Halmbacher, designer and illustrator, combines her artistic vein with her love of nature. As a trained TEH practitioner, she is not only fascinated by beauty, but also by the healing effects of nature.