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184 Pages
Publication date: April 2018
Imprint: Servus
Hans Gasperl

The Secret Power From Within the Earth

How Water Veins and Earth Rays Influence Our Life

Why do we feel particularly comfortable in certain places and not at all in others? Why do we sleep badly if the bed is in a certain position? How can we counteract fatigue and inner turmoil if we don’t know exactly where they originate and how they come into being?

Radiesthesia and geomancy are terms that are quite uncommon but that affect many people regardless. They deal with those powers within the earth that haven’t been fully researched by scientists but are nevertheless of great importance to our life, our health and our wellbeing.

Dr. Hans Gasperl is a physician who has been researching the seemingly inexplicable influences that nature exerts on our bodies for many years. In this book he describes how to figure out which powers from within the earth are good for us and how we can utilize them.


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Hans Gasperl

Hans Gasperl worked as a country doctor, a doctor for Kneipp therapy and homeopath for 35 years. The general practitioner presents the TV-show Einfach gut leben and has authored numerous successful books on health issues.