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128 Pages
Publication date: July 2023
Imprint: Servus
Karina Nouman


Natural Applications with Bee Products & Medicinal Herbs

Honey and beeswax: gifts from nature for health and beauty

You don’t have to be a beekeeper to easily make your own medicine and cosmetics from bee products! In her lovingly illustrated volume, herbal expert Karina Nouman–known as Fräulein Grün–not only imparts knowledge about bees, pollen and honey. She shows how the beneficial effects of bee honey can be combined with the healing power of herbs.
With the clear instructions in the book, it will be very easy to make delicacies for the pantry and helping things for the medicine cabinet from the beehive!

Treasures for your natural pharmacy: bee products, flowers and medicinal herbs

For 500 grams of honey, a bee must fly up to 100,000 kilometers. The effort of the millennia-old symbiosis of the industrious insects and the flowers of this earth has produced wonderful things: The products of the honeybee are not only useful and delicious, but also healthy, anti-inflammatory and good for our skin.
With its loving design, the book by Fräulein Grün immediately makes you want to get started and try out honey recipes! A wonderful gift for all nature lovers who want to do something good for themselves and the bees.

»With its loving design, Miss Green’s book immediately makes you want to start trying out honey recipes!«
running & fitness

»Herbal expert Karina Nouman, alias Fräulein Grün, explains how bee products such as honey, propolis and wax have a health-promoting effect in combination with beneficial medicinal herbs. «
Stadtblatt Salzburg

»In her new book, the author (…) reveals helpful treatments with bee products and medicinal herbs – from beeswax compresses for colds to Royal Jelly anti-wrinkle masks.«
Oberösterreichische Nachrichten

»Fräulein Grün gives tips on growing bee herbs and explains how bee products have a health-promoting effect in combination with beneficial medicinal herbs. «


Karina Nouman

Karina Nouman is a TEH (Traditional European Medicine) practitioner, herbal therapist and has been blogging as Fräulein Grün for years. She gives lectures and offers herbal walks, workshops on herbal medicine, natural cosmetics and forest bathing. On her blog »Wiese, Wald & Wunder« (»Meadow, Forest & Miracle«) she publishes a recipe with herbs and medicinal plants every week. In 2017, she was awarded the Garden & Home Blog Award for this.