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136 Pages
Publication date: October 2021
Imprint: Servus
Karina Nouman

Fräulein Grün's immune power from nature

Throughout the year, our immune system works at full speed to ward off harmful external influences. But we don’t have to leave our health to chance – nature has taken care of us.

Why unwanted dandelions are better left in the salad than on the compost heap and why the fragile-looking daisy should not be underestimated: Fräulein Grün shows which herbs and foods can be turned into true immune boosters – because while love, as we all know, goes through the stomach, health makes its way through the intestines. But external applications can also help to forge our inner protective shield: from vitalizing water applications to disinfecting room sprays and antiviral aromatic mixtures.

»How easy you can strengthen your immune system yourself with herbs and various applications and recipes.«

»Our health is therefore not simply left to chance«
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Karina Nouman

Karina Nouman is a TEH (Traditional European Medicine) practitioner, herbal therapist and has been blogging as Fräulein Grün for years. She gives lectures and offers herbal walks, workshops on herbal medicine, natural cosmetics and forest bathing. On her blog »Wiese, Wald & Wunder« (»Meadow, Forest & Miracle«) she publishes a recipe with herbs and medicinal plants every week. In 2017, she was awarded the Garden & Home Blog Award for this.