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88 Pages
Publication date: April 2021
Imprint: Servus
Karina Nouman

Fräulein Grün’s Natural Wild Drinks

Drink nature’s power: Miss Green’s inspirations for homemade drinks

Karina Nouman loves everything nature gives us: She concocts irresistible lemonades, juices and syrups from herbs, berries, flowers and fruits. And now you can do the same: With the simple recipes in this DIY book, you can prepare healthy drinks yourself—surprising taste explosions included! Did you know, for example, that cherries go excellent with lime blossoms and dandelion flowers with orange peels?

In her book, the blogger and herbal therapist shows how to collect and grow, harvest and process plants. Whether refreshing lemon water, infused water with a citrusy herbal pang or vitalizing iced tea: This is how you bottle the best nature has to offer!

From garden and balcony, forest and meadow: how to turn green treasures into delicious drinks


Karina Nouman

Karina Nouman is a TEH ( Traditional European Medicine) practitioner, herbal therapist and has been blogging as Fräulein Grün for years. She gives lectures and offers herbal walks, workshops on herbal medicine, natural cosmetics and forest bathing. On her blog “Wiese, Wald & Wunder” (Meadow, Forest & Miracle) she publishes a recipe with herbs and medicinal plants every week. In 2017, she was awarded the “Garden & Home Blog Award” for this.