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128 Pages
Publication date: January 2024
Imprint: Servus
Johanna Paungger Thomas Poppe

Gardening with the Power of the Moon

Gardening at the right time

What do moon phases and zodiac signs have to do with gardening? How do I plan the new gardening year in harmony with the moon and nature? And why does the timing of planting affect growth and maturity? Johanna Paungger and Thomas Poppe explain the basics for successful gardening with the power of the moon and give numerous application examples for beautiful flowers, healthy plants and a rich harvest.

GARDENING WITH THE POWER OF THE MOON is the first volume of the richly illustrated edition of the collected works of the bestselling authors. With the best lunar tips from over 30 years.

»Johanna Paungger and Thomas Poppe reveal ancient knowledge: the perfect times for sowing, harvesting and planting in the rhythm of the moon.«



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Johanna Paungger

Johanna Paungger, born in 1953 in Walchsee, Austria, was one of ten children born into a Tyrolean farming family. In 1969 she moved to Munich, where she completed a commercial apprenticeship. In 1983 she gave her first lecture on lunar and natural rhythms. An intensive lecture and author activity followed. Together with her husband Thomas Poppe, she has published 12 books on the power of the moon as well as various lunar calendars in editions of millions.

Thomas Poppe

Thomas Poppe, born in 1952 in Falkenstein, Austria, in the Upper Palatinate, studied American Studies, Newspaper Studies and Political Science in Munich. In 1987 he began working as a state-certified and sworn English translator. In 1994 he married his wife Johanna. Their joint publications on lunar and natural rhythms have been translated into 30 languages to date.