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200 Pages
Publication date: October 2015
Imprint: Servus
Christine Metzger

Cooking With Grandma

Nothing beats Grandma’s cooking. Years of practice and more than a few secret ingredients make grandmothers the best cooks around. Eva Winkler-Hermaden is one of them.

This book contains 64 of her treasured recipes for every occasion. As well as traditional soups, roasts and desserts, she shares practical tips for making preserves and using up leftovers. Winkler-Hermaden, who has 12 grandchildren herself, remembers the dishes that used to be served on holidays and special occasions, and how she learned to make delicious meals out of very little when food was scarce after the war.

A perfect book for amateur cooks who long for the flavours of their childhood!


Christine Metzger

Christine Metzger has been working as a freelance journalist, editor and author since 1985. Before that, she worked as an editor at two major renowned publishing houses in Munich and Cologne.