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240 Pages
Publication date: October 2020
Imprint: Servus
Uschi Korda Johanna Maier

My Christmas

A Stroll through Advent

Top chef Johanna Maier takes us through the most beautiful time of the year and remembers customs and traditions from her childhood that have survived until today.

She also reveals 24 recipes that she believes are a vital part of the Christmas season: warming punch, traditional Metten soup, her grandchildren’s favourite biscuits and her grandmother’s special Kletzenbrot recipe.

What also makes the atmosphere of this time of year so special is the decoration and adornment. With a touch of skill and natural materials, straw stars, glittering Christmas tree balls, gingerbread houses and wrapping paper can also be made by yourself.

As the crowning glory, Johanna Maier serves her readers a festive menu that will also make your Christmas Eve shine in Christmas glory.


Johanna Maier

Johanna Maier is the first and so far only woman to have been honoured with four toques by Gault Millau and two Michelin stars. For this reason, many gourmets consider her to be the best female chef in the world. In 2010, the mother of four fulfilled her life-long dream of opening her own cookery school.