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368 Pages
Publication date: September 2021
Imprint: Servus
Felix Leibrock

Murder on the Watzmann

When a tourist couple die on the Watzmann mountain, the entire population of the beautiful Berchtesgaden district is shocked. But what happened just below the Middle Peak, just before the two fell to their deaths at the same time?
Upon recovering the bodies, the mountain rescue team is convinced that this is but yet another case of people overestimating their abilities. But 29-year-old Inspector Simon Perlinger, himself a highly motivated and fearless mountaineering enthusiast, has doubts. As a specialized police mountain guide who routinely goes to the scene to investigate climbing accidents, he quickly realizes that something isn’t right here. Were the victims overtaken by other climbers and pushed in the process? Accidentally or maybe even on purpose? But who could have had motive to plunge the most loyal returning visitors to the village into the depths? Simon Perlinger soon finds out that dark secrets surround the victims—and encounters a wall of silence among the usually talkative population of Berchtesgaden…
With an unerring sense for both planned and unplanned accidents in the Alpine region, the young policeman investigates the case. After all, criminals mustn’t be allowed to feel safe to go about their business anywhere—not even on the Watzmann!



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Felix Leibrock

Felix Leibrock, born in 1960, is a successful crime writer. As a chaplain for the Bavarian riot police, he is familiar with most human abysses. Reason enough for the mountain-loving author to make his favorite peaks in the Berchtesgaden Alps the backdrop for murder and manslaughter.