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368 Pages
Publication date: May 2024
Imprint: Servus
Felix Leibrock

Murder on Lake Königssee

An Alpine Crime Novel

Volume 3 of the successful crime series set in the Berchtesgaden Alps

Six dead priests in rowing boats, a severed hand and a precious ring with a drop of Jesus Christ’s blood—these are the shocking finds on the Königssee!

Thousands of pilgrims take part in the high mountain pilgrimage to the famous church of St. Bartholomew on Königssee in Berchtesgadener Land, including priests from the Höglwörth monastery. A night-time mass on the lake is about old guilt and exorcisms, a long-ago accident and unresolved paternity issues. The next morning, six dead priests are found floating in rowing boats on the lake—crucified. The young team of investigators led by mountain police officer Simon Perlinger delves deep into the history of Berchtesgaden and Salzburg to find motives for the violent crime. In the process, many gruesome facts are uncovered – from the Salzburg witch trials of 1677 to 1679 and the negligent ferry accident of 1688 to the excesses of the monks of today.

»Leibrock is a captivating storyteller.«
Süddeutsche Zeitung


Felix Leibrock

Felix Leibrock, born in 1960, is a successful crime writer. As a chaplain for the Bavarian riot police, he is familiar with most human abysses. Reason enough for the mountain-loving author to make his favorite peaks in the Berchtesgaden Alps the backdrop for murder and manslaughter.