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336 Pages
Publication date: May 2023
Imprint: Servus
Elizabeth Horn

Murder and Biscotti

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  • German audiobook: Saga Egmont
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Murder and Dolce Vita

Another murder in Limone! Even though all Commissario Angelotti wanted was to devote himself to the new woman at his side. This calls for a speedy investigation!

Things are getting murderous around beautiful Lake Garda. Much to the chagrin of Commissario Fabio Angelotti, who finally wants to spend more time with his new love Charlotte. The violent death of a young woman comes at a bad time. Especially since Angelotti’s superior is pushing for a quick, quiet closing of the case. The dead woman is a prostitute whose services the police chief has previously employed. If this were to go public, the reputation of the entire force would be ruined. With gritted teeth, Commissario Angelotti takes up the case and soon has his hands full trying to restrain Charlotte, who has discovered her criminalistic streak and insists on conducting her own investigations in Angelotti’s case.

»Another entertaining crime novel set against the stunning backdrop of Lake Garda – light and breezy as delicious biscottis.«
Buch Magazin

»Part two of the Garda crime series is as entertaining as the opener, “Mord und Limoncello.”«
Sindelfinger Zeitung

»Elisabeth Horn spoils the love happiness of Commissario Fabio Angelotti in Limone with a spicy case. Murderously good!«


Elizabeth Horn

Elizabeth Horn, born in the USA, came to Germany as a preschooler. After studying German philology, she worked in adult education and taught English at all levels of proficiency. Today, she devotes most of her time to writing. She discovered her love for Lake Garda during her honeymoon—reason enough to make the vacation destination the setting for her new crime series.