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128 Pages
Publication date: March 2024
Imprint: Servus
Doris Kern

Naturally Clean

Make Your Own Cleaning Products Easily

Sparkling clean and with a lemon scent

Make your own cleaning products and know what’s really inside: Doris Kern shows how it’s done—with creativity and a lot of environmental awareness.

Your own home—it should be cozy and clean, and to achieve this it needs to be maintained regularly. Many people want natural, sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional cleaning products from the drugstore. Herbal expert Doris Kern reveals tips and tricks on how to transform your home into a healthy oasis of well-being. In NATURALLY CLEAN, she opens her store cupboard and finds many ingredients such as vinegar, baking soda and lemon that fight grease and dirt. In numerous recipes and instructions, she shows how to easily make your own cleaning products so that only good ingredients are used to care for your own four walls. For more creativity and sustainability when cleaning your home.

»For more creativity and sustainability when cleaning the house. «
Rätsel Blitz

»Cleaning with homemade products: the book “Naturally clean” creatively shows how to do it in an environmentally conscious way«
Das goldene Blatt


Doris Kern

Doris Kern, born in 1983, is a trained TEH (Traditional European Healing Methods) practitioner. On her blog »Mit Liebe gemacht« (»Made with Love«), she talks about the power of medicinal herbs and the effectiveness of tried and tested household remedies. With tasty recipes and sustainable craft ideas, she encourages young and old to follow suit. She lives with her family in the Austrian Mühlviertel region, where she passes on her knowledge of the treasures of nature in workshops—as well as in her books.